Honorable Mention: Breakpoints

Honorable Mention: Breakpoints


Honorable Mention

Data Canvas Challenge 2013 International Exhibit Recommendation

How can we get people engaged with transportation data? One of the possibilities explored by this project is the use of video games mechanism, such as scoring.

A single day of transportation data is played back in 3 minutes. The visualisation shows the bare minimum, e.g. transportation lines, stations and buses moving between those stations. At any time during this process, the viewer has the opportunity to become active and interact with the data by interfering with the traffic. The moment he starts adding new informations to the visualisation, he creates a parallel reality where each of his action has consequences, good or bad. The original data sets, based on public transports information from San Francisco, Geneva or Zurich on October 4th, 2012, are then changed and the outcome of this day of experimentation is different than what happened on this day in reality.

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Jeremy Boy
Louis Eveillard

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April 9, 2013