Honorable Mention: Reliable + Pleasant Transit

Honorable Mention: Reliable + Pleasant Transit

Honorable Mention + Data CanvasĀ Challenge 2013 International Exhibit Recommendation

Project Description

Public transit passengers are well aware of how full their buses will be and how much buffer time they should give themselves to get to their destination on their daily commute. However, how do they compare with other routes in the system or other cities?

This project presents a few visualizations to compare and contrast between San Francisco, Geneva, and Zurich to see which city does a better job overall as well as particular routes and time of day where they can be further analyzed or improved. The plots show that San Francisco performs the worst in terms of reliability and over-capacity. In terms of peak riderships, Geneva has especially high peak loads during the morning, lunchtime, and evening commute compared to other times of the weekday. San Francisco also experiences some peak loads during the morning and afternoon commutes, but there were not as prominent compared to Geneva.

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Reliable + Pleasant Transit

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Tak Wong


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April 9, 2013