Maker Prize Winner

Weather+ won one of three Maker Prize awarding $500 worth of goods and goodies from SeeedStudio.


Project Description

Data Canvas’ sensing network inspired me to consider what a typical weather application might look like in the future. With the ability to know environmental factors are more granular levels, one might imagine a new interface that accommodates the increase in variables we consider.

This interface would need to enable the user to quickly update themselves on these various environmental factors with the same ease and corresponding wealth of data that we’ve become accustomed to with the weather. This includes forecasts for each associated measure (be it air quality, temperature, or even noise levels) as well as a spatial view of the information, much in the manner that we consider storm patterns within a region, but at smaller scale, in respect to the feature being presented.

Weather+ intends to be a simple mechanism, demonstrating a core design concept that might enable these factors to be successfully displayed in a manner that provides the user with a positive and engaging experience.

How to use Weather+: Move your hover your cursor over the hexagon that is generated by selecting a city. Move your cursor to the variable of interest. Doing so will produce a heatmap of that variable on the map to the right and generate a “24 hour backcast” of the results on the bottom of the screen, intended to mimic what might be a true 24 hour forecast when sensor volume has reached a critical mass.


Created by Kuan Butts & Daniel Palencia (NYC, USA + Singapore)

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March 25, 2015