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Sense Your City

To empower citizens to sense and make sense of their environment, we created a DIY sensor network to measure pollution, dust, light, sound, temperature, and humidity. We created an interactive map, opened the data, and asked you to use it to narrate a story about your city.

Over the course of four months across seven cities in three continents, we engaged over 120k people and got to know more than 700 people who participated in our workshops and events. 98 citizens assembled and deployed sensors on their residences, offices, universities and local hackerspaces, and 340 people exchanged ideas online.


Phase 1: Deploy Sensors

Check out the DIY sensor information, that was created to allow citizens to deploy 100 DIY environmental sensors in 7 cities,on 3 continents.
DIY Sensor Deployment

Phase 2: Open Data

Explore the interactive map that allows you to see the sensor data in real-time, connect to the API, and download the data to get your hands dirty.

See the Map of Sensor Data

Phase 3: Visualize Data

Use the data provided by our DIY sensor network, combine it with interesting publicly available data, and tell a your story about cities. Visualize it, sonify it, gamify it.

Data Art Challenge Winners
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Our Cities Are Now Sentient, Giant Collectors and Emitters of Data. This Data Resource Often Goes Unused, unnoticed and Un-understood by Citizens.

Urban Digital Displays

Fostering data literacy by visualizing and streaming real-time data stories to street-level displays at partner locations

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Data Canvas Invites Discovery and Interaction Because it is a Shared Experience, as Streets and Storefronts of Cities Always Have Been.

Public Transportation

Buses, trams, bicycles, pedestrians, and cars zoom about modern cities like blood pulsing through the body. But with urban growth comes challenges—one of them is how to improve transportation.

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