Sonic Particles 2.0

Sonic Particles 2.0

Winner of the Lift Grand Prize

Sonic Particles 2.0 won the Lift Grand Prize, one of three Grand Prizes. The Lift Grand Prize awards $3,000 to cover transportation costs and entry to all Lift events for one year. Goal of the Lift Grand Prize is to provide an enriching opportunity to learn about the newest trends in innovation and be immersed in a global, interdisciplinary community of doers, makers, and thinkers.


Project Description

Sonic Particles 2.0 is a real-time sonification of urban environmental data.

The sonic composition reflects the continuously evolving data consisting of the temperature, light, pollution, humidity, dust and noise measurements provided by each participating city. Each category of data controls specific sounds and parameters. The resulting composition evolves as the data levels decrease and increase.

With the sensitivity of the ear it is possible to differentiate the data levels of each city just by listening to the evolving sounds. Each city has it’s own unique ever-changing composition generated by the urban environment.

By selecting a city on the map you will hear the emerging composition. Every category of data will emerge one by one expressing the current temperature, light, pollution, humidity, dust and noise levels in that city.

The data is fetched every 5 seconds so that the composition will reflect the most current measurements of each city.


Created by Kasper Fangel Skov (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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March 25, 2015