Climate Change

Selected for Exhibition

Climate Change is eligible for Data Canvas exhibitions that will be curated both online and offline.


Project Description

‘Climate Change’ can’t avoid the consequences of global warming, but it can provide distraction by exploring the sensor data in 3D. Depending on the chosen parameters, the user can produce readable data sculptures or pure data-dada. As default-textures Martin used emojis, nowadays common language. Martin wanted to explore if they can make sense in this context and if they could be transformed into something beautiful. In a future version he would like to add the possibility to change textures and their behavior in order to be able to create more diverse and meaningful images.
This project was much fun as it allowed Martin to discover three.js and json. Martin also enjoyed creating his own tool, as a starting point to escape the boundaries of readymade software.


Created by Martin Hertig (Lausanne, Switzerland)

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March 25, 2015