SoundScore – See what you hear

SoundScore – See what you hear

Selected for Exhibition

SoundScore is eligible for Data Canvas exhibitions that will be curated both online and offline.


Project Description

SoundScore enables prospective renters and current tenants to see the sound of their neighborhood. This is similar to the idea behind WalkScore, which helps residents determine how walkable a neighborhood is and how close amenities are to them. We borrowed this model and envision adding sound as a factor so that current and prospective residents may take this into consideration when looking for a place to live.

At SoundScore we believe in empowering the consumer and giving them complete control of information. Instead of forcing a narrative on them we provide interactive charts and graphs to allow users to slice and dice the data and discover the insights that matter to them.

Visitors to the SoundScore site can get a feel for a city and through the map, dive into a neighborhood, exploring the sounds level by day of the week and time of day. We feel this is valuable to prospective renters because sound has a direct affect on quality of life. This factor is even more insightful at the level of hour. We withhold judgment on the quality of the sound and report noise levels only, allowing our users to determine if a quieter or louder neighborhood suits their lifestyle, whatever that may be. However, we have applied noise levels to our proprietary scale, ranking noise by level of intensity on a scale from 0–5, with 0 being the quietest and 5 being the loudest.

For current tenants, we provide value by allowing them to quantify noise pollution within their area. For example, say residents of the Marina district are noticing unusually loud nights when trying to sleep. The SoundScore can provide a method for even these current resident to inform landlords, neighbors, and city officials of concerns they have about the noise. Inevitably this feedback loop creates demand for makers to deploy more sensors and gives residents better information regarding the noise quality of their neighborhoods.


Created by Robert Crocker, Sam Richards + Nathan Diesel (San Francisco, USA)

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March 25, 2015