Urban Harmonics

Selected for Exhibition

Urban Harmonics is eligible for Data Canvas exhibitions that will be curated both online and offline.


Project Description

By now anyone interested in the field of data visualization is familiar with the elaborate designs that show relationships between nodes in data – hierarchical edge bundling, node-link trees, circle packing and the like. For this project, Bryan chose a radical departure – to humanize the data and try to establish meaning.

This visualization is an interactive dating game. You are the main character, and you set your preferences and tolerances for dust, light, pollution and more. The cities will come to you based on your preferences. In addition, visual cues such as smoke, dust clouds and beads of sweat help you understand what quality each city is offering you.

The project is a WIP, most of the design/modeling and programming is completed, but Bryan still am working on the motion of the cities as they move towards their potential mate. More refinement is needed, but Bryan thinks the project gives you a good idea of what he’s up to.


Created by Bryan Leister (Denver, USA)

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March 25, 2015