Seeing the Air

Maker Prize Winner

Seeing the Air won one of three Maker Prize awarding $500 worth of goods and goodies from SeeedStudio.


Project Description

Seeing the Air is an experiment in citizen-run, DIY air quality monitoring.

In many countries, air pollution reaches hazardous levels, and getting information air quality is difficult, if not impossible. Because of this, Seeing the Air concentrates on air quality, as it gives the project focus, and a sense of purpose. Inspired by Edward Tufte, Seeing the Air is intended to show how freely available data could be presented in a way that informs citizens, and enhances their knowledge.

To accomplish this, the project includes set of visualizations for each of the seven cities. These allow users to explore the data, and help them to find answers to questions that affect the quality of life: Is the air ever hazardous? What is the air quality like during commute hours? How does my city stack up against others?


Created by Kevin Gates & Ramesh Sampath (San Francisco, USA)

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March 25, 2015